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Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? – Show #86

This week on Animal Talk Naturally! we have the acclaimed author John Clifton, of Stop the Shots and also Sparky Fights Back: A Little Dog’s Battle Against Cancer.

It was our pleasure to sit and chat with John about the problem of overvaccinating our pets and how he is tackling this controversial subject with such dignity presenting all the facts so every single pet owner can be empowered to make up their own mind about whether to vaccinate or not. Here is the synopsis for this week:


1. Stop the Shots!
2. Sparky Fights Back
3. Vaccines:Cause or prevent diseases?
4. Presenting the facts
5. Who is really YOUR pets authority?
6. The immune system
7. The myth of vaccines
8. More harm than good
9. Killed, modified live, adjuvants, recombinant
10. Vaccines can cause diseases


First of all, the balance of power is always based on Economics 101’s Supply and Demand theory. NO DEMAND, NO VACCINES and DRUGS. MORE DEMAND, MORE VACCINES and DRUGS . It is a very simple principle. We need to get the pet caregivers of the world to say NO to over-vaccination and drugs and the veterinary community will have to listen. Repeat it to yourself, ‘supply and demand….. …if I don’t demand it, then eventually they will stop supplying it. ~ Dr. Stephen Blake

It seems that we may almost have a double standard as far as medical theories are concerned. As long as man does something, it’s science. When nature does something, it’s quackery.. ~ Dr G E Poesnecker, (Nature Cure 2000)

The first thing that must change with routine vaccinations is the myth that vaccines are not harmful. Veterinarians and animal guardians have to come to realize that they are not protecting animals from disease by annual vaccinations, but in fact, are destroying the health and immune systems of these same animals they love and care for. ~ Charles E Loops, DVM, Pittsboro NC

Revelation 22:6

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… it’s a really big show! Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, hoof stompin, wing-flappin’, purrrfectly animal talkin’ day!

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on “Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? – Show #86
5 Comments on “Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? – Show #86
  1. I totally get why the vaccines are bad for my dogs. I just had my dogs in for their annual check. And my Vet did a blood test and checked their Titers levels to see if they needed any. And they didn’t. But my issue is we go to agility classes and you have to have updated shots or you can’t attend. How do I keep my dog safe from over vaccination, but still able to go to training classes?


  2. Phoenixmoon, Take a copy of your titer test to the clases. Most of them only require rabies vaccines anymore anyway, most of them do not need proof of puppy shots unless it is a “puppy class” for pups under 6 months of age.

    If they are not happy with the titer test results then have them call your veterinarian. Many of them just need to be educated, this is the perfect time for you tell them about the dangers of vaccines and over vaccinating pets. John Clifton’s book is inexpensive and well worth giving to the “powers that be” at your training classes.

    Hope that helps! :-)

  3. I recentely lost my Bandit to Hemangio Sarcoma. The tumor was right at the site of his vaccinations!! We had the surgery done, biopsy completed. Bandit had almost a year of any signs of the HC returning. It did return with a vengance, in the same exact spot. The tumor burst, and we had him PTS last month. He was a beautiful, healthy pet in every other way. Bandit was nearly 10 years old.
    We are currentely looking for another GSD puppy to adopt, and damned if I will get him his vaccinations

  4. Hi Marilyn,
    Thank you for commenting on the show. I’m so very sad this happened to you
    and your sweet Bandit. Sigh, but we are working towards the resolution.
    Unfortunately scientific testing has to be done and that is what Dr. Jean
    Dodds is doing.

    Listen to this show and then possibly you can alert others so that the
    Rabies Challenge Fund can get their study done so our animals will finally
    benefit and stop all this overvaccinating pushed on the unsuspecting public:

    Take care and I hope you find you special new GSD puppy soon. Between you
    and me, I’m happy to hear your comments about vaccinating (or lack thereof!)


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