The Silent Spring of Dog & Cat Health – Show #88

This time on Animal Talk Naturally, Dr. Tom Lonsdale took it up ANOTHA notch, and he is SPOT on! We talked about the Big Picture and how what we each do affects everyone else and everything else. Here is this week’s synopsis:


1. Re-interpretation of existing evidence
2. Animated furry toy thinking
3. Breach of conspiracy
4. According to function
5. Adding value to garbage
6. The Deception
7. Toxic sludge
8. The Big Picture
9. Unlearning Specifics
10. Inversion of Truth
11. Empowered to make the decisions
12. The Three-Part Test


If we are to overcome the artificial pet food monster – improve the health of our pets, human economy and natural environment – it’s not new facts we need, it’s new ways of seeing and thinking. ~ Dr. Tom Lonsdale

Every pet owner has a right, even an obligation to question the suitability and safety of the veterinary advice they receive. ~ Dr. Tom Lonsdale

Psalm 9:1

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… it’s a really big show! Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, hoof stompin, wing-flappin’, purrrfectly animal talkin’ day!

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6 Comments on “The Silent Spring of Dog & Cat Health – Show #88
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  2. Dear Kim,

    I am listening to your interview with Tom, and he could confirm that I have been saying for the last three years, as you did just now, that we should sanction the pet food industry through our own power to choose NOT TO FEED our animals this junk any longer rather than trying to reason in circles about the ”scientific” jargon. Perhaps I could share with your listneners my perspective as a veterinary dentist that it’s time to stop this hidious attack on humnaity through the suffering these mute animals need to endure. We could perhaps compare a table laid out for a banquet whilst the eating utensils are rotting away on the table even before the food is served to the shocking way in which our carnivore compannions teeth rot out of their sockets aka ”periodontal disease” due to this commerical concoctions.

    Warm regards,

    Dr. Johan Joubert in the UK

  3. In reading Dr. Joubert’s brief message, I was reminded of his dedication and persistence in the health & nutrition of domesticated cats/dogs.
    He was a guest on the Yahoo Raw Feeding List a few years ago, and it was a delight to see his brief message posted here.
    I believe HE would prove to be an incredible guest on your show. His perspective, since he works so closely with dogs/cats, as a Veterinary Dentist, would be invaluable and eye opening.
    He is a strong & powerful voice for those who cannot speak and I think it is VITAL his voice be heard as well.
    What a guest he would be!
    Thankyou and regards,
    Lucia Miller

  4. Dr. Joubert we look forward to you as our guest on an upcoming ATN show!

    Thank you Lucia, we may just be hearing you on a upcoming show as well! And your beautiful raw fed dog will be a guest of my dog Shadrach on his blog Bark N Blog soon also!

    Dr. Lonsdale contacted us and highly recommended you Dr. Joubert so we’re honored to have you as an upcoming ATN guest!!

    Kim & Jeannie

  5. Wonderful podcast with Dr lonsdale as always, I could listen to him forever as everything he says makes so much sense. I too switched to raw feeding after reading Raw Meaty Bones, since then the health of all 6 of my dogs has improved beyond belief. No more vet visits for them!
    I am looking forward to hearing Dr Joubert as he is just as passionate as Dr Lonsdale.
    Kim & Jeannie thank you for doing such a great job.
    Many thanks
    Isobel Wilson UK.

  6. Hi Isabel,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your comments, they encourage us to
    continue in our work for the animals! Yes Dr. Lonsdale makes perfect sense,
    and we hope to see the day everyone sees how much common sense feeding this
    way makes and then applying that knowledge for the health of our animals.

    Dr. Joubert will be joining us in October (sooner if we get a cancellation
    between now and then)!

    Thank you for listening!!!

    Kim & Jeannie
    Animal Talk Naturally

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