The Raw Feeding Dilemma – Show #90

This week on Animal Talk Naturally, we talked about raw feeding our carnivore pet and other natural ways to care for them. Here is this week’s synopsis:


1. The Recalls
2. Good common sense
3. Teeth tell the truth
4. Survive or thrive?
5. Fasting IS natural
6. Down to the bone
7. UNlearn the myths
8. It’s nature not rocket science
9. Cold turkey
10. Raw fed cats
11. Side benefits
12. The healing crisis
13. Quality of life
14. Natural prevention


The truth is that the basic solutions to our problems lie within us…Like it or not – realize it or not – principles and conscience are within us. ~ Stephen R. Covey

Truth is what stands the test of experience. ~ Albert Einstein

Psalm 119:160, Proverbs 22:21

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… it’s a really big show! Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, hoof stompin, wing-flappin’, purrrfectly animal talkin’ day!

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on “The Raw Feeding Dilemma – Show #90
3 Comments on “The Raw Feeding Dilemma – Show #90
  1. awsome info really enjoyed the show. I do wish that they mentioned the oils they talked about and how much of the raw food a dog should get each day.

  2. Thanks Linda!

    I guess we assume that our listeners know we use the Young Living essential oils, my apologies. You can find these essential oils at . The shows listed above in the “Additional Resources” do mention the oils we use, however shows #4 and #7 are availalble on CD only. You can use the link on the left hand side under “ATN Show Links” and then go to “ATN CDs and Educational Resources” to find out how to purchase our shows.

    Also our shows on raw feeding talk about how much to feed plus those shows also have links to articles on how much to feed. It all depends on your dog, because each dog is an individual. So, to begin to gauge use the 2-3% of their total body weight per day in meat and bones. Bones and meat being in equal portions or 1:1 or a 1:2 bone to meat ratio.

    Some of the raw feeding shows are
    The Totally Raw Truth
    No Grain No Pain
    The Silent Spring of Dog and Cat Health

    And we mention raw feeding in many other shows as well. Thank you for listening and commenting!

    Kim Bloomer
    Host of Animal Talk Naturally!

  3. Thank You Linda,

    Kim and I both only use and recommend Young Living Essential oils as they are 100% pure and theraputic grade. You can get more information on them at

    Kim is of course right on with starting out with a 2-3% of your dogs body weight in raw meat and bones. Then just keep an eye on overall body condition. If she/he gets a little thinner then you feed a little more. If she/he puts on more then she/he needs cut back a bit.

    Hopefully you will go to Tom Lonsdale’s site and download his book, Work Wonders. This is a great resource for feeding a raw diet.

    There is also a wonderful forum called Whole Dog Forums this is a community of dog owners, breeders, vets, etc. that are interested in caring for their dogs more naturally. LOTS of great information there and always someone to help with our questions when you have them.

    Jeannie Thomason
    co-host of Animal Talk Naturally!

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