Helping to Prevent MRSA in Pets

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As many of you know who listen to our show, I am one of the USA Representatives for the Bella Moss Foundation, fighting to prevent MRSA in pets. Because the cases in both humans and animals are rising in this country & so many pet owners are contacting the Bella Moss Foundation for help with little to no help here in the US, we’ve decided to put together this resource for you here on Animal Talk Naturally. Also look for the Bella Moss Foundation to be working to help do the same in the USA as they have accomplished in the UK.

***NOTE from ATN***: Remember that our pets aren’t the ones who started infecting us contrary to what you may read in our overly dramatic, sensational, fear-mongering media. Au contrare WE gave it to them! WE are transmitting it to THEM! We created this problem first of all with our overuse of antibiotics. Our hospital and veterinary staff have since become colonized (not all but many of them), then transmit to patients and then WE bring it home to our pets. So let’s not start blaming our pets, and wanting to be rid of them or “euthanize” them. This is treatable. Fear never does anything but start unwarranted panic. Let’s be reasonable and do our best to not pay attention to mainstream media because they earn revenues with ratings, remember that. Be empowered by being informed with the truth, use natural approaches, support the immune system and help our pets be and remain well.

When you hear fear knocking at your door, ask Faith to open it and no one will be there.” That is what I say to my clients when they are having a problem deciding what to do based on fear. ~ Dr. Stephen Blake

Jill & Bella Moss
Jill & Bella in happier days

Here are links and resources to help you including a couple of shows we’ve done here on Animal Talk Naturally.

Links to the Foundation sites

The Bella Moss Foundation

A special pitbull named Conor who is infected with MRSA:

Here’s a photo of Conor:
Conor the pitbull

On our newest special needs only show we featured Conor on our first show:
The Dog View

Here’s the streaming link to the show:
A Special Pitbull Named Conor

And here’s the mp3:
A Special Pitbull Named Conor

Information on MRSA

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We can make this also a special page here, just let us know, especially if you have more resources to share. But the best place for information to go is the Bella Moss Foundation and Pets MRSA.

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