ATN’s Natural Pet Newsletter July 2013

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ATN’s Natural Pet Newsletter July 2013
Dr. Kim’s dog, King, STILL trying to stay cool for the HOTTEST/DRIEST EVER summer in NM!


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1. FOUR new upcoming shows!
2. This Month’s Featured Articles: Pest Repellents That Make Scents and Got Fleas?
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***Special Announcements***


***This Month’s Show Dates***

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Animal Talk Naturally is now a half hour weekly show sharing news, events and of course animal naturopathy philosophy with hosts, Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, and sometimes special guests.

July 10, 17, 24, 31

***NOTE*** There will be no show on July 3rd as the hosts take hiatus for the July 4th holiday. Additionally the July 24th show is pre-recorded and will NOT air live and will only be available here on this site.

Topics Include:
Essentially Canine, The Impact of Vaccines on the Genome Pt2, It Ain’t Rocket Science Pt 2, Why Vaccines Can’t Immunize Pt 6

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Celebrating the art of natural animal health, the truth of animal nature and the love of the human/animal bond from a Christian faith-based focus. Animal naturopaths Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, now in their sixth year of online talk radio. Join them weekly for an often passionate, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and ALWAYS engaging show! You and your animals can be “ears up” for the podcast at

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***This Month’s Featured Articles***

Pest Repellents That Make Sense
©by Dr. Kim Bloomer

There are a multitude of aromatherapy mixtures that can help combat fleas and ticks. Try the ones in this article, and after you gain some confidence and experience with aromatherapy, you will come up with a few of your own. Allow your dog to tell you which ones he likes best. You’ll know what they are when he tries to take particular bottles of essential oil away from you, or rubs at the areas you test on yourself. Animals aren’t subtle when they show they like something, and aromatherapy is no exception to the rule. READ MORE

Got Fleas?
©by Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Have you ever wondered why some dogs and cats have severe flea problems, while others are hardly bothered by the little pests? Fleas being present on your pet can be an indicator of the animal’s general health. Parasites in general, and fleas in particular, are most attracted to the weak, unhealthy, or very young animal whose immune system is not functioning well. The best flea prevention is to reduce your pet’s susceptibility to fleas by improving his/her health. READ MORE

Learn about PetAlive natural remedies for pets!


***Special Announcements***Animal Naturopathy

*NEW Course from from the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, Homeopathic Treatment for Animals created and taught by Dr. Aleksandra Mikic, author of Immune Doggy. Also coming SOON: Equine Iridology and Canine/Feline Iridology created and taught by Dr. Mercedes Colburn of Through the Eye International.

*Dr. Kim’s article, Are You Being Greenwashed?, was published in the June/July 2013 Issue of Pet Connection Magazine.

*Dr. Jeannie’s article, Detoxing our Pets, was published in the June/July 2013 Issue of Pet Connection Magazine.

*Dr. Kim & Dr. Jeannie have a new show, Your YLEO Story sharing stories of healing/wellness using Young Living Essential Oils.

NEW: Dr. Kim & Dr. Jeannie both have their Essential Oils for Pets and also Detoxing Our Pets on-demand consultations NOW available!! Check their consultation pages on their personal websites for details on how obtain these consultations. MORE on-demand consultations coming soon!

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